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Vienna, 1847k.

A multi-part view of Pest. The colored lithograph is the work of Ignác Weissenberg, made in the Engel workshop in Vienna. The middle larger image the Pest side Lánchíd and Erzsébet Bridge depicts the pedestrianized part of the city, in the elegant foreground boats and a steamboat float on the Danube. There are 14 detailed pictures around it, with the most famous buildings and a map. Bilingual inscriptions can be read under each of them. At the bottom of the page, there is a recommendation addressed to György Mailáth Hont, also in two languages, and the family's coat of arms in the middle. A picture depicting Buda was also published as a pair, the two together were entitled "Painting Landscapes of Buda-Pest with wind drawings of the most famous public buildings and landscape plans drawn after nature". The extremely rare sheet is one of the most beautiful depictions of Pest.

Size: 290 x 435 mm. In passport, framed.

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